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  • Minimum $16.00 for delivery. delivery within 6.0 Miles.
  • WE DELIVERY MIN. $16.00 within 4 miles

Type:Full service

Cuisine:Chinese Food,Sichuan,Mandarin,Hunan,Cantonese,Mongolian Food,Vegetarian,Seafood

boneless chicken
beef in szechuan style
beef pepper steak
Mongolian beef
bourbon chicken
Broccoli Chicken
chicken cashewnut
chicken lo mein
chicken with broccoli 2西兰花鸡片
Fried Meat Dumplings1
kung pao chicken
Teriyaki chicken stick
Chinese Vegetables with Shrimp
Crab Rangoon(cream cheese)
Curry Chicken
dragon and pheonix
fried rice
hot sour soup
Moo Goo Gai Pan
mushu chicken w 4 pancakes
Orange Chicken
scallop w snow peas ss9
sesame beef
shrimp-vege ss5
steamed dumpling A5
Steamed Mixed Vegetable with Chicken
tofu with mixed vegetables素菜豆腐
triple delight
wonton soup
全家福Happy Family
Chef's Specialties
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